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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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people, two men and two weem in connection with this. now, at this time we don't know and we understand montgomery and prince george's conte police are working together, but at this time we don't know where or if an actual shooting occurred. there are reports of it, but again, there are several scenes and police are trying to figure out exactly what happened on that route from the wendy's on powder mill road in prince george's county to this location here in the white oak area, but we can tell you at this time four people were taken into custody by police and there are a number of vehicles along new hampshire avenue that were damaged and while there's back and forth, people screaming threats at each other was going on early this evening. live in the white oak area of silver spring, jackie bensen. still following breaking news in dubai. the fire is almost out, but questions remain to what led to this dramatic scene at a
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high-rise hotel near the world's tallest skyscraper. burning debris raining down on to the street as tens of thousands crowd into dubai to ring in the new year. an ex-con from upstate new york has been arrested on charges that he was planning a new year's eve attack at a bar. the man was inspired by isis. >> and the new year is less than six hours away. security has been stepped up here and across the country, but it's not stopping people from celebrating. >> we have team coverage of the big events and the conditions tonight. we begin with chris lawrence with the report of the developments out of dubai. chris? >> vance, officials say they're still not sure what caused that massive high-rise fire that completely overshadowed the new year's eve celebrations and left a lot of tourists rattled. you can see why flames are shooting from multiple floors and there was a ton of smoke visible from just about every angle from the city skyline. 14 people are recovering from minor injuries, but amazing three, there are no deaths
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reported and no one was seriously hurt. there was a lot of panic, even spreading to nearby places like the dubai mall. a reporter from knbc in los angeles happened to be on vacation there and saw how tense it was as they were evacuating that mall. >> now you can see what they're trying to do is they're trying to get everybody out of the mall area. they want everyone out and we saw quite a bit of firefighters making their way, running top speed through the mall to try to get to that location. >> and all of this happened in the shadow of the world's tallest building. the burj khalifa hosted dubai's big new year's eve fireworks show. officials still went on with that display even as smoke was blocking the view for some people. there are also reports that there were blasts heard inside the high-rise just about 15 minutes before midnight and right now no word on what those noises may have been or what caused this fire. wendy? vance? >> security concerns are casting
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a shadow over celebrations all over the globe. a planned new year's eve fireworks display in brussels in belgium was canceled over fears of a terror attack there. hours after that decision was made a tenth suspect in brussels was charged in connection with the terror attack in paris. officials seized ten cell phones, but found no weapons during the raid. belgium has been at the heart of the investigation because two of the suicide bombers in paris had been living there. >> and the fbi foiled a new year's eve attack at a bar in upstate new york. they say a rochester man purchased a ski mask, zip ties and knives hoping to pull it off hoping to prove his worthiness to the islamic state. this arrest comes as a million people pack into times square to watch that ball drop. nbc's sarah dallof joins us with tight security at one of the world's biggest parties. >> reporter: hi there, wendy. they just raised that iconic
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ball into place about a million people are expected to pack times square to watch it drop when the the clock strikes midnight and while fears are high, security is tighter than ever. >> reporter: it's out with the old and in with the new year. >> it will be a whole new year for us, so it's going to be exciting, i think. >> reporter: ringing in 2016 in sometimes square takes more than a little work, starting with the numerals that arrived weeks ago. >> reporter: and a facelift to the waterford crystal ball. 288 new crystals were added to the more than 2,000 already in place. >> you get to see the ball. >> a test of con feddy and ball lighting gave a sneak peek of what's to come and people were inviefted to personalize the new year. writing wishes for 2016 on paper that will be mixed in with the confetti that falls tonight. >> i like it. crazy atmosphere out here. >> reporter: with the eyes of the world watching, fishls say they've enhanced security with 6,000 officers assigned to times
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square. for the first time some will be armed with long guns and bomb-sniffing dogs and chemical and radiation detectors will also be present. >> we're aware that the threat picture has changed because of isis and it'sy changed significantly from a year ago or tw years ago and in response to that and ahead of that in some respects and that's why we have enlarged our capabilities here in the city. >> reporter: measures appreciated by visitors. >> i feel pretty safe right now. yeah. i don't feel that threatened. >> here we're extra careful and we're keeping eyes out. >> reporter: law enforcement and revelers, woing toward toward a safe and fun start to 2016. >> when the clock strikes midnight more than a ton of confetti will rain down on this crowd. a great start for the new year, but quite the cleanup for crews in the morning. thank you. >> sarah. >> threats are not concerned on this new year's eve, they're
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concerned that you get to your celebration safely. adam tuss continue ours team coverage now. >> reporter: much like other cities, there is a heightened level of security for the celebrations tonight, but transportation leaders say they just want you to plan ahead and be smart. >> on metro, extra security. >> we mostly see uniformed presence out here and you'll see sometimes they'll have more than one officer to a car and just different things like that. >> plain clothes officers will also be out. >> mostly tonight is about getting around safely and making smart choices. kurt ericsson with the regional alcohol program says there's no excuse to drink and drive. there are the lots of options and at the end of the day i don't care if it's pedicabs, chariots or gondolas and if it's a designated driver. >> there is a free cab ride for you up to $30. the number to call is
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1-800-200-taxi. if you're an uber rider, be aware this is expected to be the biggest night of the year for the car sharing service and there could be surge pricing tonight. here's how that works. when demand exceeds the amount of drivers on the road, prices go up to encourage more drivers to go online. >> you will be notified of surge pricing before you book a trip and then there's metro. after midnight all rides on trains and busses are free. miller lite picking up the tab as part of a public service campaign. just make sure you have your smart trip card or paper fare card with you. it won't be charged. have fun, but plan ahead and be smart. >> reporter: the circulator bus system will also be running longer than normal tonight. we hava i list of your transportation options and they're in our nbc washington app. >> thank you, adam. >> and the weather tonight will be clear and it doesn't look like it will be raining for the first time in what seems like
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years. >> a very warm month of december and we're still ending today on a fairly nice note and a fairly mild note. if you'red for the festivities, temperatures will fall through the 40s and around midnight tonight we'll get to 42 degrees and in the suburbs and maybe down to the upper 30s in some locations and you'll need the clothes if you're heading out and across the region. 2016, what's in store in how about colder air and 53 in richmond and only 30 toward ohio and 33 in pittsburgh. that colder air making its way in. the first arctic air of the season also moves in as we start 2016. i've got the whole forecast for you in just a minute. thanks, doug. a maryland state trooper is in the hospital right now. he was hit by a car today. it happened this afternoon on the side of i-95 near the highway 100 exit in hannover maryland. that trooper was trying to help
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a family that was stranded on the side of the road when another car came up and rear ended his patrol car. >> the troop was expected to recover. >> he was in the car at the time. rodney irons was driving without a license. the nation's capital marking a grim milestone as we close out the year. 162 people killed in the district this year. that's a 50% increase over last year. people are gathering to remember those -- the city's youngest victims of violence. darcy spencer is live in northeast d.c. with that story. darcy? >> the vigil got under way about an hour ago. this year they are remembering the young people who died on the streets of the nation's capital. people who are 25 and younger and they began the vigil tonight by reading each name. >> adrian 17 years old.
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>> reporter: and they say of all of the people who died here in the district this year as a result of homicide, 68 people were 25 and younger and they want people to remember that and as they're getting ready to celebrate the new year, to remember that young people are losing their lives and they gathered here at the northeast performing arts center. that's where they provide after school and other activities for young people and they want people to remember, those two lost and that their families are surf suffering. >> it saddens me because every year at least 15 people they know that aren't going to live due to gun violence or just anything gun related. >> reporter: they were outside and now they've gone inside. back to you. >> thanks, darcy. a march along chicago's magnificent mile calls for an end to gun violence and reform
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in the police department there. protesters walked down michigan after this afternoon. they say 442 people were killed in shootings this year in that city. organizers say chicago has a gun problem, a police problem and issues with unemployment and economic development. in less than an hour, protesters are planning to converge on chinatown here in d.c. they're calling for justice for tamir rice and sandra bland. they're upset that no charges were filed against police after their deaths. there is more fallout for bill cosby. how his own words from a deposition more than a decade ago led to the new criminal charge. he's wanted in a sex case. he's wanted in a robbery case. now they have his picture. they know his name, where is melvin lutchman? the story is coming up.
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controversy from a community in maryland. they're demanding a man take down the
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>> a woman was sexually assaulted and robbed along eighth veet in the capitol hill neighborhood. police say the man who did it also committed two more robberies. investigators say they know who
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the guy is they ju the public's help to catch him. pat collins has our report. >> reporter: his name is melvin dehart latney. he's 25 years old and he's wanted for sexually assaulting and robbing a woman in the 200 block of eighth street southeast. on capitol hill, 8th street is a well-traveled pedestrian path, and to have something like this happen it's worrisome. >> reporter: any concerns for your safety? >> definitely. always. always. >> reporter: what do you do to protect yourself? >> my husband and i and my three kids n't go out after 7:00 at night. >> reporter: charles allen is a council member from ward 6. he's well aware of this crime. >> it was a horrible crime. this is a great neighborhood and a great block that everyone should feel safe walking down any time of the day. >> reporter: police have all sorts of video of latney, walking in and out of stores, using the subway. they have tons of pictures.
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they know his name. they just can't find him. >> somebody knows where this guy is or where he's gone and what we want to do is ask the public to help identify him. >> again, if you know this man, if you know where he is police want to hear from you. there's a $1,000 reward posted in the case. in southeast, pat collins, news 4. >> a man hit by a car in montgomery county was hurt, but is expected to survive. he got on a ride-on bus. police say he was trying to cross the street when he was hit. the driver of the car did stay on the scene. there are flames tearing through a warehouse on elmwood street in east baltimore. that warehouse holds several businesses including a mattress store. police are asking motorists to avoid that area. at this time no injuries are
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reported and they're citiing trying to figure out what started that fire. >> bill cosby could be back in court for two weeks and right now he's home free on bond after being charged about sexual assault. the iconic comedian has faced and denied a slew of sexual misconduct accusations for years. nbc's stephanie gosk breaks down what led up to this charge in pennsylvania. >> reporter: 78-year-old bill cosby carrying a cane and stumbling his way into a small pennsylvania courtroom to face felony charges of aggravated indecent assault, clearing a $1 million bail to return to his nearby home where this case began in 2004. prosecutors say that's where former temple university employee andrea constand agreed to take pills and drink wine, then felt frozen and paralyzed as cosby allegedly performed sexual acts against her wishes. while no criminal charges were filed at the time constand filed a civil suit in 2005 that was
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settled a year later. it was excerpts from a deposition taken from that civil suit and unsealed for the first time last july that triggered the new criminal case. constand's attorney asking cosby about his purchase of quaaludes in the '70s, a now banned drug. was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with. cosby answering yes. >> re-opening this case was not a question. >> the new charges were announced by the montgomery county district attorney who just won a heated political election by running this attack ad against his opponent. >> a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. >> we examined all of the evidence that we had available to us and made this determination because it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news, cosby's attorneys suggested the charges were motivated by local politics and came as no surprise. we intend to mount a vigorous defense against this unjustified charge. we expect that mr. cosby will be
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exonerated by a court of law. one of the 12 women who came forward as a jane doe in the 2005 civil suit says he doesn't believe cosby will admit any wrongdoing at trial. >> i have not ever known him to be a person who tells the truth. so, no, i don't have a particular desire to hear him testify. >> don't expect bill cosby to take any kind of plea deal. that's what his lawyer told the "today" show and she talked about how cosby is doing as he maintains his innocence. >> he's been accused unjustly of a crime, so certainly that's upsetting, but he's in good spirits and he knows that he has a legal team that is intent on defending him until he is exonerated. >> cosby has filed defamation lawsuits against nine of his accusers in recent weeks. his next court appearance is scheduled in january 14th. coming up tonight,hasq poli are going door to door in an effort to find new clues in a murder mystery.
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a multimillion dollar plan to help ease traffic and it's only considered on roads outside of the beltway. >> and the district is helping people
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three, two, one! [ cheering ] and this is auckland, new zealand ringing in 2016. it's one of the first cities to do so. atop the capital landmark skytower led to the countdown that touched off the fireworks display. >> fireworks off over sydney's
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harbor in australia, seven tons of it, to be exact. that one is one of the most popular new year's eve displays in the world with an estimated $1 million spectators looking on. >> and revelers in hong kong took on this impressive display at the victoria harbor. the fireworks went on for five minutes. people here are getting excited ahead of the fireworks tonight here in d.c. doug, what are the skies going to look like? >> i think it will be a perfect night for fireworks across the area. you know the clouds that we've got out there will actually help to produce a little bit in the way of reflection off the class and that should help with the fireworks displays across the area and one place that was quite fun for new year's eve out toward the yards and this is ringing in 2016 early. a family, friendly celebration in southeast d.c. and the goal is to have a new year's eve celebration during the day with everything wrapped up before the kids are supposed to be in bed.
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the new year's eve ball, by the way, dropped at noon. there were stilt walkers, inflatable slides, and i love that, by the way and moon bouncers and face painting and i always get the spiderman when i get my face painted. we're sitting at 50 degrees and winds out of the north at 7 miles per hour and 50 degrees december 31st and amazing how we've been and a record-setting month and 49 down towards culpeper. as we look toward the radar, we've seen a lot of rain so far this month and we're not going to see as much in the month of january. i do not see another chance of rain for the next seven days. this evening if you're heading out 47 by 8:00 and 44 by 10:00 and around 40 degrees around midnight tonight and a very nice night for celebrating across our region. cool, but not too cold. the cloud cover, as i mentioned, sticking around and notice this,
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too. the clouds continue across most of the eastern part of the nation and you also see that southern branch of the jet stream still moving in and that warm air and notice what's happening around minneapolis and notice the flow coming out of canada and that's the cold air and take a look at the current number and 16 degrees and 25 in chicago and 22 in cincinnati. so you see the colder air about to make its way in across our region and that's what we can expect for the new year, it's going to feel a lot colder for the next few days and the arctic air moves in and next week we're talking highs in the 30s and then snow. snow, it's coming. not in the next seven days, but it's coming and the storm team 4 winter forecast has most of the snow falling in the month of february. high temperatures tomorrow, and 49 down toward fredericksburg and right now 47 over toward annapolis and the impacts of tomorrow's weather will be on the low side for sure and a bit breezy and a bit cool, but that's about it.
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speaking of cool. highs tomorrow around 48 degrees and not bad, but it will be cool and breezy. 45 on saturday, but with winds gusting to 20 miles per hour and the windchills will be in the 20s all day and saturday will be a cold day and much cooler on sunday and a high of 48 and high temperature of 40 degrees and coming up at 6:45, we'll talk about the arctic air that's going to be moving in and i'll show you when and how long it sticks around. >> thanks, doug. >> coming up, we'll tell you about a guy who planned to kill people in the name of isis and how investigators tracked him down just hours before that planned attack. >> there are new details emerging in the deadly crash involving the secret service agent. yet driver wasn't supposed to be behind the wheel. they are, indeed, having fun back here, but does the county want to put this operation in the penalty box? >> i think that maybe we can come up with a resoluti
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right now at 6:30, a terror arrest up in new york as a million people prepare to pack into times square to ring in the new year. security remains tight in new york and across our country, just ahead of these celebrations, all of this as we learn new details about the man who was arrested in rochester. >> he was planning to attack people at a bar to show his
6:30 pm
support for isis. jonathan dienst explains how the fbi foiled his plot. >> reporter: on this quiet street in rochester, the fbi says a would-be terrorist was planning to strike. arrested 25-year-old emanuel lutchman. investigators say this christmas week he went to this walmart and bought knives, ski masks, ties and a plot to stab people and kidnap people on new year's eve. he may have been inspired by these isis videos. governor cuomo earlier. >> i think it gets worse before it gets better. good news is we're up to it. we have here owes. we have great law enforcement. >> prosecutors say lutchman was communicating with an isis supporter believed to be inside syria. the american allegedly boasting i am ready to give up everything to be in syria with you. i will take a life. i have no problem with that. lutchman has past arrests. he spent five year in state prison and may have been
6:31 pm
radicalized there and has a history of mental illness. reached by phone his grandmother claims he's not a terrorist and that he had to have been set up. an alleged lone actor, residents say they never noticed anything suspicious. >> very scary knowing we're right across the street. anything could happen. >> reporter: the fbi says the plot came together in just a matter of days and informants helped track lutchman who they say was already planning something for new year's eve. >> that was jonathan dienst reporting. investigators also say the suspect had a history of mental health problems as jonathan reported. he is still locked up tonight. police are hoping someone will come forward about a murder in a prince george's county neighborhood officers canvassed the streets of suitland near the area where nathaniel was shot. he was found on brooks drive on tuesday morning and he died from his wounds yesterday. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an
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arrest. tonight, a local father is hoping that a tribute he built to honor his step daughter's memory will make it into the new year. it's a hockey rink that he has opened up to other community members in the county, but as our derek ward reports, the county has concerns about the rink and its location. >> the ice is synthetic, the fun is real. for mark cohn of poolsville, this is a natural way to indulge his lifelong love of the sport and he even coaches it? i thought if i ever had a chance and if i could ever have my own rink i would have more flexibility. >> reporter: this rink isn't just about fun. there is a sochl emmeaning behind what's going on here. it is a fit waying to remember his step daughter melanie. >> a huge hockey fan. if it was a friday night we'd have pizza and puck night and that was one of her favorite things. >> she shared his passion for hockey right up until her death last july jp.
6:33 pm
she was just 35 when she died from a respiratory illness and the rink was named after her. i just thought the greatest thing would be to do a tribute. >> it's an agricultural reserve and thousands of acres of protected green spees space. as such, there are limits and rules governing what goes on and inspectors have visited and they've had an issue with the lighting and i immediately took those down. it's immensely popular with the people of poolsville and they appear to be having a great time. and the agricultural reserve and it's popular and important, too. jim brown is president of the poolsville town commission. >> you have to defend the reserve. >> there are hopes that middle ground could be found and the head of the licensing service say they understand cohn's desire to memorialize his daughter and the rink is being promoted for public use rather than personal use which raises concerns about public safety, community impacts and compatibility with the agricultural reserve. >> for now the rink isn't shut down. he'll be happy to do it.
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this living, active memorial isn't on thin ice. in poolsville, derek ward, news 4. three of the four secret service officers involved in that deadly crash in new hampshire are out of the hospital tonight. that accident occurred on tuesday when the car that ruth danforring was driving crossed the center line on an icy road. danforth was killed. police say he had a suspended license and should not have been driving. investigators say he may have been trying to pass a car when this crash happened, but they are also checking to see if drugs played a role. to politics now. a big shake-up at the top of ben carson's campaign. his two top aides have quit. carson's manager, barry bennett and his communications director doug watts released a statement today, but they did not give a reason why they're resigning. caution has dropped from leaving the republican field to only 11%
6:35 pm
this month. >> and democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley will not appear on ohio's primary ballot. state election officials say the former maryland governor did not get enough signatures to qualify. both of his opponents, hillary clinton and bernie sanders did make it on the ballot. still ahead, no more excuses. the local effort to help people get fit in the new year without breaking the bank. >> this is scott macfarlane in montgomery county coming up on news 4. a few million dollars and a few adjustments to the traffic lights and county leaders think that can speed commutes by 15%. we'll show you the intersections we're considering coming up. and we're looking pretty good for our new year's eve, but 2016 starting out cold. some arctic air moving in.
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that's a look at new year's
6:38 pm
eve in thailand. thousands watched the fireworks show there. that was about six hours ago. that one is one of three major gatherings for celebrations in bangkok alone. >> and russia has been welcoming the new year for ten hours now because that's how long it takes for that whole country to get into 2016 because of its sheer size. in moscow the revelers watched fireworks over the kremlin. a lot of people make resolutions to mark the start of a new year. tonight there's some good news for those who are trying to lose weight in the next year as tom sherwood reports, d.c. residents will no longer have to pay a fee to use the city's fitness centers. >> john was working out at the raymond rec center in northwest. he and his wife katherine were glad for everyone that mayor bowser who is emphasizing fitness as mayor is eliminating fees at all 22 rec center fitness facilities. >> this is a great facility and my wife and i come here three
6:39 pm
mornings a week and we're coming here at 6:00 a.m. and vincent cook, a building engineer is here, too and he lives in ward eight where there are no private fitness gyms to even consider. mayor bowser has decided that if you're a district citizen you don't have to pay anything. >> that's great. i appreciate that, and i don't see why i have to pay to use my own gym anyway. >> reporter: as of now, district citizens won't have to pay the $1 daily fee or the yearly membership. ward 8 opened this year. residents were just learns of the free policy. >> we've never had this. so if it's free, you have an opportunity. take advantage of it. >> do you know what this is? >> yes. >> it's a fitness ball. >> recreation spokeswoman gwendolyn crump told news 4 suburbanites will have to pay the fees to use the facilities. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. here is a heck of a way to welcome in a new year. a powerball jackpot that is now
6:40 pm
at $334 million. that's the 12th largest in the history of the game. no one won the jackpot yesterday so the next drawing is set for saturday. the lump sum cash prize for the winner, $between t205 million. >> new technology to cut down on the time that you spend in traffic. we'll look at which intersections could be getting these upgrades. and in a matter of housing the homeless, we'll report how a local program helped get nearly local program helped get nearly 700 veterans off
6:41 pm
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>> montgomery county is considering a sweeping multimillion plan to give you more green lights when you drive. internal county memos obtained by news 4 show several major intersections are being reviewed for traffic light changes. scott macfarlane shows us how it could work. >> much lighter traffic than usual today including here on democracy boulevard by montgomery mall, but drivers say this is where you can notice the problem. traffic signals, not timed as well as they could be. news 4 took a drive along montrose road along rockville pike and 270. we hit two red lights and two of them more than 30 seconds apart and traffic is a common complaint here and transportation officials have long tried to alleviate it. >> they're changing the road structure here to be more of a city-like grid so you don't have one thorough fare to get from north to south. you have other options. >> internal memos exchanged among the transportation
6:44 pm
committee reveal montgomery county is considering a less expensive, but still ambitious plan to alleviate traffic further. they call it adaptive signal control technology and technology to allow traffic signals to automatically adjust to the flow of traffic. it will cost about $90,000 per signal and potentially millions of dollars total and those memos show the intersections they're targeting and democracy boulevard by montgomery mall and shady grove mall. downtown wheaton and two areas of the rockville pike. you're on i-370 and the pike rose district which is not far from the sandwich shop mansour and his team run. they take a hit when traffic snarls along randolph road outside. >> we're a small business and it does affect our numbers. at the end of the month, but the county is not considering traffic signal technology inside the beltway. those they say they're already over capacity. >> too overrun for traffic signal technology. >> i'm told if the county does want to spend millions of
6:45 pm
dollars on this project the first chance to do it will be july 1, 2016, six months from tomorrow. >> scott macfarlane, news 4. >> we have mapped out the intersections that could get the new technology and you can check out and just search traffic signal. >> 700 homeless veterans who once lived on the streets of d.c. are now in their own homes. it is a drama of theic change and it brings the district closer to ending homelessness for not just veteran, but all residents. our mark segraves reports. >> reporter: james grew up in d.c. and spent six years serving in the army, but in 1990 when he returned from his service he fell on hard times. >> i'm glad i did serve my country. >> reporter: for the past 12 years he's been bouncing back and forth from living on the streets to living in shelters. through it all, hill wasn't one to complain. >> the shelter is okay, but you can't call it your home.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: hill says he tried to stay positive year after year even as others in the shelters were getting placed in homes. >> you just keep praying and praying that maybe your time will come. >> reporter: after years of living on the streets, hill finally has a home to call his own thanks to new programs developed by the bowser administration. >> it takes time, i guess. i don't want to say i'll jelte are my ties, but when you've been in a shelter for so many long years you have to get used to starting over. >> reporter: he's not the only one to move into his own home. 600 other vets have been placed in stable housing, as well. >> that's a nearly 50% increase from this time last year. >> we know what the solutions are and when we focus on them, when we invest in them and an end to homelessness is something we can achieve. >> as for hill he plans on getting his driver's license and enrolling in job training. at age 56 he's ready for a fresh
6:47 pm
start. >> first christmas, first new year's and first everything else. >> mark segraves, news 4. a developing story, and we have historic flooding along the mississippi river and that waterway reached nearly 15 feet above flood stage today near st. louis and the second worst flooding on record and at least 20 people have died in missouri and illinois because of this flooding. three hunters are safe after their boat capsized on the potomac. chopper 4, that is, flew over the scene near the aqueduct road in dickerson and the man went overboard when the boat started taking on water. they're all wearing life jackets so they're all able to safely make it back to shore. >> it's still a very cold day to be in the water anywhere in this area, but we did have some sunshine finally. >> ten days in a row of cloud cover. we finally saw some sun and i think that puts smiles on everybody's faces and december
6:48 pm
ended today on a very, very warm note shattering records. this was the warmest december on record by far. nine of those days were above 65 degrees and that is a record and 27 of those days were 50 degrees and that's 27 out of 31 days above 50 and that record is set back in 1889 and this was an el nino, vent that we saw during the month this month and absolutely amazing how warm it was. now 2016, things could stay warm? >> i think, no. that's just my opinion. let's take a look and show you what's happening right now and what we'll continue to see as we move on through the rest of the evening hours and tomorrow temperatures will be on the cooler side and high temperatures will be into the 40s over the next couple of days and no 50s at all and what we are seeing is the cold air that is here and cold air sitting at 50 degrees down toward national harbor and a good place to watch the fireworks going on. 50 degrees currently at the
6:49 pm
airport and those fireworks are in alexandria and 46 by 9:00, dropping to 43 degrees by 11:00. so it will be chilly tonight and it won't be cold and not too cold and 45 gaithersburg. no rain to talk about and we will be dry and we'll also start 2016 on a dry note. i'm thinking temperatures around 40 degrees. temperatures were in the 20s so nothing like that and starting off 2016 on a very cool note. 39 tomorrow morning by around 1:00, 2:00, we're around 47, 48 degrees so a very nice start to 2016 as far as that's concerned, but then here comes the colder air. 45 on saturday. windchills in the 30s on saturday and 48 on sunday, and not a bad day on sunday and then monday we get to 40 degrees, most of you stay in the 30s and everybody's in the 30s on tuesday and a high temperature of only 36 and windchills in the 20s and look at the overnight
6:50 pm
low and that puts most of you in the teens and we're definitely talking about the air first part of the season and 2016 starting off on a cold note, but at least we haof plenty of sunshine. >> sports coming up. they'll play against the cowboys and why this game is
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
we're here wondering why in the world would you play your starters in a totally meani meaningless game when you have a playoff game coming up. >> it is a meaningless game. 9 and 7 looks better than 8 and 8. plus you want to go into the playoffs with momentum. >> if jason williams goes down if reed goes down. >> i wouldn't rest, and trent williams and jason hatcher and deangelo hall and veteran guys have been banged up and you have to dress for the 46 players and otherwise you can't play. >> they will not take the chances, if they don't need the chances they won't take the chances and you can bet on that and depending on how the game goes, i'm sure jay gruden will play some guys. what is there to play for in dallas? the answer to that if you're kirk cousins and tight end jordan reed is pretty simple. cousins is 120 yards away to
6:54 pm
become the franchise's all-time single season passing leader. reed, he's tied with chris cooley for the most receptions by a tight end for the season. head coach jay gruden, he announced that cousins will start against the cowboys and the regular starters and first teamers they'll also play and start. that's barring any setbacks and how long will they stay in any ball game and that depends on the game itself and their health. if you're looking at ricky jane, he said there are benefits to having the starters play this weekend if you're the redskins. >> i'm not going to call it a challenge and this is the perfect thing for us to have just to see where we're at with the football team before going into the playoff. just remember this team that we're playing now has a gang of super bowl banners and nfc banners and this is the perfect team and we get to play them in their stadium on their ground, this is the perfect game to have. >> one of the guys we hope to see on sunday is running back pierre thomas.
6:55 pm
despite his limitations after tweaking his left knee he should be good to go. they signed the veteran of nine years earlier this month and he has made a huge impact. in last week's win over philly he had catches and even thomas admits it was a big turn of events. >> who would have thought? one day i'm sitting on the couch at my house and now i'm an nfc division champ. they're on the uprise and i'm another piece to help push it up more. >> the thing you like about pierre is there's really upon nothing he can't do. he can run inside the tackle and catching the football and he proved that and just adding another guy to the mix and having too many good backs is a good thing and we'll have to deal with that come next week. >> he's a really good running back and he was out of the nfl sitting at home. >> he comes off the couch and contributes to a winning team. >> one more redskins note for
6:56 pm
you. >> matt jones is still recovering from that hip injury that kept him out last week against the eagles. speaking of injuries, the capitals are going through a tough share right now. center jay beagle had surgery on an upper body injury and he's extended to miss a period of time. the caps in action, good news, nicholas bac nicholas back strom. keynes canes on the power play and he comes up with a big-time stop. later on the power play hurricanes on the attack again and the puck gets out from jordan stall and his shot goes off the post and they're scoreless and this game right now is in the second period. >> from the ice to the snow. this was the scene at lambeau field in green bay today after more than a foot of snow fell this week and the team put out a call for volunteers to help
6:57 pm
clear the stands. 600 people showed up today. >> redskins fans will have plenty of interest sunday night between the packers and vikings. one of those teams could face the skins in the first-round playoff game and you can watch that play off game sunday night on nbc 4. we know the skins will be watching. >> when we get home, yeah, i'll turn on the game the best i can and watch and we don't know until it's over. so we'll see. >> we've got three good teams to choose from. no matter who we get we know we have our match cut out for us and of course, if i said i'm not going to pay attention to it. finally in college football playoffs taking place and the national semifinal game and clemson leads oklahoma 30 to 17. michigan state and alabama, they face off later tonight. >> this should be a good one. >> you know, when you're green
6:58 pm
bay and they ask for volunteers. i'll be there. give me a monday. "nightly news" coming up next. >> see you at 11:00.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, new year's inferno. a skyscraper hotel up in flames, raining down fiery debris, while one of the world's biggest fireworks show goes on as planned. terror plot foiled. a man accused of hatching an isis-inspired new year's attack. how the fbi says he planned to murder innocents as they rang in 2016. lost in the flood. many families left with nothing as historic floods devastate the midwest, where in many areas the water is still rising. affluenza mom charged. she's been deported back to the u.s., while her son fights to stay in mexico. new details about their life on the run. an nbc news investigation revealing a replacement for a medical device associated with dozens of deaths also has


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